三肖中特精准24码免费公开 www.syysp.icu What is the strangest thing that happened to you as a foreigner in China?



Graeme Barker, studied at National Taitung University

Nothing really majorly ‘weird’ but…

During my first week in mainland China (I live in Taiwan), I ate an apple that an old lady had given me. She was had come to pick up her grandson from the kindergarten I was teaching at. She seemed like a nice old lady, so I just ate it. I ended up in hospital for 3 days because of it.

Then, a few months later, I had been invited to lunch with some coworkers. When the meat had been served, I took one mouthful and didn't touch it again. I didn't need to ask what kind of meat it was because the flavor gave it away. It tasted the way a wet dog smells. totally regretted that mouthful.

While on an excursion with a group of forigners up Taishan, it took all day because we'd get stopped by random people asking to take photos with us. Very random.






Mark Farley, former Junior Busboy and Senior Dishwasher. Pollyannamath at The Hush Puppy (1977-1979)

The company I was visiting had arranged for one of their drivers to pick me up at the hotel each day. On the first morning I had a call from the lobby. "I'm sorry but your driver has been in an accident and needs to return to get another car. Please wait in your room and we will call you when he arrives." An hour or so later he arrives and we go to the factory.

Day Two: SAME CALL! Except this time they say that the car cannot be replaced and the driver is working on getting another vehicle to drive me for the day. I wait again, go downstairs when called and this is what I see.




A freaking bus. Just for me.

My first thought was "Do I have to sit at the front or is it OK to sit at the back?" Decided to sit two rows back, then wondered if this was the safest place in the bus, given my driver's history.

At lunch, the engineers I was working with asked if I wanted to go out to a restaurant instead of the cafeteria. "Sure." Then they started talking about how many cars to take. I just said "Let's take mine." Worked out perfect.

Any VIP can get a limo, but it takes being a rock star to get your own bus.

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Dhara Kalam

Me along with 3 of my colleagues went to Shanghai a while ago for training. It was our first time to China. In my perception I feel people in China try to be modern and at the same time maintains their cultural values.

Here comes the story. So, we used to travel in local trains to visit the city on weekends regularly. Kids in China are adorable with their red chubby cheeks. One day, when we were playing with one of the 1 year kid in train we observed that his pants are torn at the center, we ignored it as we thought his parents didn’t see it. It happened again we saw one more kid and this time we couldn’t stop thinking about it so we searched online it and found out that it is a tradition in China. They are called open- crotch pants and it is very common.




It looked something like this and it is the strangest thing we can think of in China. I heard that they follow it because they dont want to stop their kids from peeing anytime and anywhere they want :P ..



Chris Robinson, former Managing Director (1997-2010)

I was once way out somewhere about 80kms from Chengdu and we went into a local village looking for a restaurant. The one we chose had window seating and we started eating looking out at the slow build up of young kids all clearly fascinated by the white face in their village. My local partner went out and asked them what all the curiosity was about. They said they had never had a white person in the village before and heard we had hair on our bodies like wild animals. Basically they wanted to know if I was hairy (clearly since I had a beard!). I came out after eating and stood there asking any one of the kids to come over and feel my arm hair. They were all scared until one little girl, no more than 8 years old put on an operatic arms-folded shrug and stomped up to feel my hairy arm. That started a stampede as I was touched by everyone. After they all had felt my arms and were looking pleased with themselves I opened my shirt to reveal a very hairy and scary chest and that had them running away in all directions!



David Allen, Bio-Mechanical Engineer, Inventor

Our company’s products were built by Chinese manufacturers. On one visit we found a large-ish restaurant near our hotel and had enjoyed the food we could order from menu pictures. On a Friday night our host company took us there and said they would order for the group. One dish was a kind of peppery stir fried hash with meat bites, red peppers, and other vegetables. It was OK but my American table neighbor suddenly stopped and started picking at something on his plate. What he’d found was obviously a deep fried “knee” or “elbow” of something small….guinea pig, bird, rat, frog??? We asked our hosts what was in the dish and they replied that it was “meat”. Otherwise, excellent food, I even liked the warm corn juice!



Kay Aull, PhD Bioinformatics

I taught in Shanghai for a summer. I’m a 6′ tall white lady, and my co-teacher was a white Berkeley hippie, with blond curly hair halfway down his back, who’d been living in India and mostly wore Indian dress. We were somewhat conspicuous.

The locals mostly ignored us. Shanghai is a big, cosmopolitan city; they’re used to expats. Whenever we went to tourist attractions, though…we became part of the attraction. I didn’t think about it before, but most of the tourists in China are Chinese, and they’re from places white people don’t go. We would see tour guides leading around a busload of people, then someone would catch sight of us, and - whoa, look at that! Then one of the braver ones would come over to us. Are you Americans? Yes. How tall are you? 185cm. Can we take a picture with you? Sure. And then we’d turn around, and there’s a busload of Chinese tourists waiting to take a picture with us.




Nettuno Rossi, 5th year in China

This is not a thing happened to me, it's a situation i was in that apparently doesn't disturb Chinese at all but it makes me fill quite uncomfortable.

I use during summer to go to some public swimming pools. Often I've seen that parents use to take their children to the changing room, eve of the opposite sex and change their close among nude adults of opposite sex like it was nothing.. So for instance a 4–5 years old girl naked in a changing room full of adults naked men. Of course i don't think any had sexual desire or something, but still i can't help but think it is not proper and a little girl should not see that.. Anyway I'm pretty sure as well this is more cultural conditioning that I'm carry coming from a Catholic country, if i think rationally i don't think this would make those girls any harm.. so I'm sure chinese are right in not having problems but still i cannot help but feel it's wrong




Bob Nicols, Purchasing and Inventory controller FCILT


Beer in a bag from the small local store



They still build these in China.

One time I was riding in a bus and looking out the window saw a bloke brandishing a meat clever yelling in the street. He was surrounded by a crowd of people who just seemed to be watching(police included). Don’t know what happened because the bus didn’t stop.

Another time my partner and I went to a small eatery out in the countryside and bought a bottle of drink and a chicken. When it arrived we got about a quarter of a chicken and then asked for our bottle of drink. It was half empty by then so we didn’t drink it. Just finished our chicken and left. We always liked to support the local industry.





Henry Marcy, 22 years in several parts of USA,2 years in Shanghai

I am not sure if this is the strangest thing, but its the strangest thing recently for sure.

I regularly receive calls from people who only speak Mandarin Chinese, most likely trying to sell me something. Usually, I pick up the phone and say “Hello”. They spout there sales pitch in Mandarin, I say “I’m sorry what? My Chinese is not very good.” And then they hang up.

about a week ago, I was doing my laundry when my phone starts to ring. I answered: “Hello?” and this guy just started talking and talking and talking in Mandarin for about a minute and a half. Once he had stopped, I gave him my normal apologetic response. There was a pause for about 2 or 3 seconds and then he said “FUCK YOU!” and then waited for my response. I say nothing. He continued to wait. So I hung up





Steven Higashi, Cloud Computing Analyst - xSP - Startup Enabler

My mother went to China (She goes every few years). Most of the time, she speaks English, so Chinese people sense that she is not a “local” Chinese woman. She also dresses quite western most of the time. One day, she was in a mall and some people behind her were talking about her hair colour (she dyes it red..not bright red, but more like a black red?). Anyway…they made a couple insults during their conversation. My mother heard them of course and she told them off in Mandarin so one of them started talking back in Shangainese…so my mom told her off in Shanghainese…She speaks 3 dialects 8-) lets just say it shut them up quickly 8–)



Arvind Pant, Artist by heart, creative by mind

It is my first trip out of india. I m in Vietnam. Company provided Hotel which has everything like gym, sports activities, shopping center, good restaurants, swimming pool, massage & spa, most interesting one sauna.

Sauna is a hot water bath very famous in other countries but not in India. So I was very keen to try sauna bath. Me and my manager decided to go for sauna. We went their with full confidence as we enter before sauna room. We saw men, children, old people everyone was naked. We were shocked, decided to go back. it not possible for me and manager to get naked in front of each other.




Patrick Schreiber, lives in China

One time I was going to a bus station. I recognized a man following me, but didn’t think further about it.

I caught the bus and sat on a seat at the end. The man also took this bus and sat somewhere in the front, staring at me. Shortly after the bus started, he came to a seat very close to me. He kept staring at me, so I wore my sunglasses and pretended not to recognize him.

Then he started to speak to me in English and Mandarin, asking how I feel. He continued to tell me that he admires me and that I am his star and his everything.

This scene lasted till the next station, where he finally got off the bus, but still kept looking at me through the window and waving at me.

Many other people on the bus were scared of this guy and told me how freaking the whole situation was.







Suzi Kam, Married for over 36 years

In Shanghai, My friend and I got lost.

We were trying to find Nanjing Street, but we couldn’t speak a word of Chinese.

We were lost because we wanted to explore the city, without our official tour guide.

I tried to speak English with a few young people as I hoped that I would find one who spoke English…..We then saw a European-looking couple! They disappointed us by saying that they did not speak English, they spoke German. I then started speaking in Spanish. They were happy that they spoke Spanish as well.

We found Nanjing Street because of a couple who spoke Spanish in the middle of one of the most famous cities in China.







Ben Rothfeld, Outsider with insights

I visited China in 2010 to address a sales conference for the company that employed me at the time. I looked forward to getting to know my colleagues from China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.

You know what made me a rock star with my Chinese co-workers? My two (non-twin) kids. They couldn’t imagine a family with two kids. I never fully understood the impact of the one-child policy until they peppered me with questions about what I thought was one of the more ordinary things in the world.

I think they nearly fainted when I told them about my boss, who had four.





Marci Mann, Founder, Women's Journeys

My college roommate and I visited Shenzhen, China to site see and get some clothes made. While traveling in a taxi, the driver seemed to be reaching toward his feet. I asked her to peek in the front seat and see what he was reaching for except that when we stopped at a red light, we noticed he was not reaching for anything, he was FALLING ASLEEP WHILE DRIVING!! We hightailed it out of the taxi at the next traffic light!



Brian Sloan, Lived in Beijing 2007-2016. Sex toy manufacturer. Profiled in Playboy.


I was God in an advertisement for a brand of paper.



Mark Fudemberg, Macduffie International School (2016-present)

I have two American friends and former colleagues, both married to Chinese women, both with chidren born in China, and both still here in good standing for many years. One has a FEC and work visa, and one on a spouse visa while he awaits his green card. One is a classroom teacher, the other in his second school as a princpal. Neither has had any problems.



Mehmet Oney, lives in China (2015-present)

Most similar issues as written above, I was really surprised when saw public having dance on plazas, at 7 pm everyday.

But most strangest thing was, at a bar, a girl that I don’t know, patted my beard for 10 minutes, like she couldn’t believe it was real.




Kris Ashburn

While I was in China people would regularly stop me on sidewalks, in the mall, wherever I was and ask to take photos with me. I'm still not sure why they did it, I'm not famous or a lookalike, and it never ocured to me to ask in the moment. It was certainly strange. 



Robert Paulsen, Family business is in China.

Gosh the strangest thing was looking back at all my pictures and then noticing that in a lot of them I can see Chinese people taking pictures of me. I’m 6′2″ and have dirty blonde hair so I guess maybe that had something to do with it.



Amjed Algawhari, former International trade and translation

I once was talking to a Chinese man in Chinese for almost an hour and at the end asked me : do you speak Chinese ??!


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