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MUMBAI: Dr Lalita Malhotra, an obstetrician and gynecologist, originally from Delhi, has been showcased by the Canadian go nment in its latest annual report. She moved to the city of Prince Albert way back in 1975, when it housed only three or four other Indian families. Since then, not only has she delivered over 10,000 babies but has added many feathers to her cap, such as being conferred the ‘Order of Canada’ – an award for merit.


Canada continues to value the contribution of its immigrant community. A point-based Express Entry system, introduced in January 2015, makes it easier for skilled migrants to enter and obtain a permanent residency (which is akin to a US green card). Three economic immigration programs are covered by the Express Entry system – these are the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience Class and the Federal Skilled Trades Class.



In 2017, out of the 86,022 invitations sent, those holding an Indian citizenship bagged 36,310 invites (or 42% of the total) under the Express Entry System. A total of 65,401 permanent residents and their families were admitted into Canada, of which 40% were Indians.




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Arhaan Dey • 9 hours ago

BEWARE Indians. Canada is a TRAP, and you must do proper research before you move there. I have lived in Canada for a few years, and majority of Indians (around 80%) work low-level jobs to support their families. Canadian Immigrant, a magazine, conducted a survey according to which 4 out of 10 Indians who migrate to Canada end up being BANKRUPT (losing all their savings). Canada is VERY COLD (Arctic weather most of the time) and there are NO JOBS. In addition, housing is extremely expensive.


an Dey • 8 hours ago

@AD: Why are you dissuading fellow citizens to migrate to Canada! The 4 out of 10 statistics you speak about are from the less educated refugees - Sikhs, Tamils etc., who migrated to Canada in the past! Canada has one of the BEST public welfare/assistance that pays for housing, medical etc, if someone is unable to afford it. Yes, it is cold, but there are places like Toronto where Indians live in great numbers! Please, do not be a spoilsport!




Shasti Brata • 7 hours ago

@shasti Brata I`m a PR holder, It is a harsh truth whether you like or not.

Taxes are high, Salary is not competitive, Rents are very high in Toronta and Vancouver etc. For a single Condo you have to shell 1600$ utilitiy bills.

Further, if you own a Car, you`ll have to bear Monthly Insurance, Gas ( pertrol) filling and maintenance is high ( tyres, Engine getting choked due to freezing..etc)

Flipside, It is a beautiful country with less crime, racism, and many Indian for social life ...

@shasti Brata 我有加拿大綠卡。在多倫多和溫哥華等地,稅收高,工資沒有競爭力,房租很高。就算是一套公寓,水電費都要1600美元




Tejas Patel • 8 hours ago

This is posted by group of agents who trap candidates by selling Canadian dream which is extremely difficult nowadays due high merit point based system. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND APPLY ON YOUR OWN. IMMIGRATION AGENTS ARE FRAUDSTERS IN MOST OF THE CASES



Shasti Brata • Shenzhen, China • 4 hours ago

just wondering, what is point in going so far away from your country, your parents, etc.. I would rather stay in/nearby my country and near my family and parents. Btw,, more than 90% of the people migrating to Canada, have the ultimate goal of doing some glorified labor work in the neighboring USA..



Enjay • 8 hours ago

I already left Canada because job opportunities are very limited . And yes one can get jobs like pizza delivery man, janitor , cashier and other crapy jobs very quickly .These jobs are availble because no Canadians are ready to do them . only one advantage is the cheapest health care system which i dont get here in the US



enjay • India • 7 hours ago

Only few people believe this.It is a hell and arctic dumpyard of human.


enjay • 4 hours ago

Im sure you did not a job in india either



shurewest • 7 hours ago

Its for retirees. No excitement in life.



Hiten Indie • 6 hours ago

it is the worst country to migrate in. The system breaks you drains you of all money and resources.

Most educated people are taking hrs salary menial jobs. If u r doing well in home country it''s worth thinking twice before migration




ps murthy • Ingeku • 8 hours ago

No place can be as good as your homeland.

金窩銀窩, 不如自己的狗窩。沒有哪個地方能比得上自己的祖國。


ps murthy • 5 hours ago

Any country in the world is better than India. Poverty, pollution and ugliness are the only things i can remember about India



Dr Secularism• 3473 • Dr Secularism • 5 hours ago

Indians are willing to go to the moon but not develop their own country. This is the true definition of third world mentality. Curry boys will always be curry boys



Balbhadra Dhagat • Bhopal • 8 hours ago

Not only in Canada; Indians are calling shots in top US Corporates viz. Google & Microsoft etc. Ironically, same outstanding & meritorious Indians are denied opportunities in our own country. Reservation in jobs & education-admissions continues to cripple the nation.



Balbhadra Dhagat • 5 hours ago

Reservation system is a big drag. It has to be moved to merit based economic reservations and we will see less brain drain.



insas223 • india • 5 hours ago

People are prepared to work like and be treated as donkeys in certain nations but they are not willing to inculcate the hardwork and self-discipline in their own homeland.



Anushka • Surat • 7 hours ago

Think too much before leaving India.



Sumita Kulkarni • 7 hours ago

Why do Indians leave India ? Every one has a different excuse ! Will not live in India and try to better the conditions here.



Nikola Tesla • 5 hours ago

It’s the best time to leave from India for a better life. There is nothing other than poverty, heat and pollution in India. I visited Toronto in last summer it is like heaven on earth.


Nikola Tesla • 4 hours ago

Plus modi



Constitution Protector • delhi • 6 hours ago

Family of two or with 2 children must earn $8000 per month or 4,15,232 Indian Rupees per month to meet the cost of living in Canada



Hem Nath • 4 hours ago

There is no dearth of talent and population in India. Indians can fill every market in the world



RealSoothsayer • Pune • 4 hours ago

its a paid artical by some immigration consultants...there are no decent jobs in Canada and if you are planning to move there to search for one most likely you are going to loose all your saving and come back disappointed...


RealSoothsayer • Bombay • 4 hours ago

You said it true....



Pradeep • 7 hours ago

Educated and skilled Indians have been productive members of the society, wherever they settle.



Tvkon • 8 hours ago

Many western countries never worry for immigrant. If they bring good thing to their country they value them.



Pawan Pankaj • Bangalore, India • 7 hours ago

Canada is better then india


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